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Bowling Ball Track Flare Explained

Date Posted: August 5, 2012

Category: Bowling Technical Information

Ever since the introduction of modern bowling ball cores, there has been rampant confusion around the topic of track flare.  Specifically, with the wide variety of core geometries and layouts available to today's bowlers, it has become increasingly difficult to understand how drilled bowling balls will behave on-lane.  In response to this, we have completed a detailed report that explores how factors like core asymmetry and layout parameters affect track flare.

To download and read the 13-page report, please click the image below.

This report was originally published as a forum post on, one of bowling's best discussion forums and information sources for technical information.  If you aren't already a member of this forum, check it out today for some of the best ball dynamics, physical game, coaching, and general bowling discussion on the web.