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Frequently-Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you're seeking below, please send us an email with your question and we will promptly respond with the answer.

1.  If I give you my email address, are you going to constantly send me promotional emails begging me to buy your products?

No, absolutely not. We have not yet sent a single promotional email to any of our thousands of website members since our launch in June of 2011.  If and when we do start sending occasional promotional emails, all messages will contain a clear and easy-to-use "unsubscribe" link that will allow you to opt out of future promotional emails.

2.  Why do you need my email address and why do you require me to agree to receiving promotional emails when I sign up for an account?

We collect your email address for two reasons.

First, our online license activation system requires a valid email address in order to send you serial numbers and license keys.  If you give us an invalid email address, then we will have no way of providing you with the information you need to activate your software.

Second, we collect emails because we want to have the option of contacting you in the future with additional product information, special offers, tutorials, etc.  As stated above, we've thus far sent ZERO promotional emails to our members and, if and when we do, you will ALWAYS have the option to opt-out of future messages.

3.  Why do you need my address and phone number when I sign up for an account?

The main reason for collecting this information is that we want to know where our product is being used.  That's pretty much it.  Unless we're trying to contact you in connection with a support request that you initiated, we will not be calling you and we will likely never be sending you anything in the mail.

Most importantly, please know that your information is safe with us.  It is stored in a secure database and it will not be shared.

4.  What do I get when I purchase Powerhouse Blueprint?

Your purchase gives you a non-expiring license to use Blueprint on one computer.  Also, it gives you access to free product updates until April 30, 2013.  Also, we'll mail you a CD package containing the actual software.

If you need to use the software on more than one computer to support your single pro shop or coaching business, we're usually happy to extend your license to an additional system at no additional charge.  Just let us know your situation and we will, in most cases, be happy to oblige.

5.  What if Blueprint won't run on my computer?

If your computer is a Windows-based system less than 10 years old, it will probably work just fine.  If not, we will work with you to try to fix your issues.

We strongly encourage you to download and install our free trial prior to purchasing the full version.  Other than some input data and time limitations, the free trial is identical to the full version.  Therefore, if the free trial works for you, then the full version will also work for you.

6.  Why should I trust that Blueprint works?

Powerhouse Blueprint is the result of many years of research, development, and validation by a team consisting of some of the most talented minds from the bowling industry and beyond.  No stone was left unturned in making sure Blueprint performs as advertised.  Consider the following facts and figures that detail the pain-staking development process:

  • Blueprint's core algorithms for performing virtual CAD-based ball drilling and on-lane motion simulation were developed over a multi-year period by a team of graduate-degreed mechanical engineers.
  • Blueprint's virtual CAD-based ball drilling and mass properties calculations were validated against multiple commercially-available CAD software packages and showed excellent correlation.
  • The above mass properties testing was further backed up by dozens of physical experiments using RG swings for validation of RGs and differentials and static weight scales for validation of static weights.
  • Blueprint's on-lane motion simulation algorithms were validated against actual on-lane results from CATS-instrumented lanes using dozens of bowling ball, bowler, and oil pattern combinations.
  • The coverstock data that is used with Blueprint's ever-growing library of equipment was derived using on-lane testing of hundreds of bowling balls for literally thousands of shots.

Blueprint was developed using sound engineering and scientific principles that are fully backed up by careful and controlled experimental testing.  This makes Blueprint the best, most complete, most accurate, and most powerful program of its kind.

7.  OK, but nothing is perfect.  What are Blueprint's limitations and weaknesses?

Fair enough.  While Powerhouse Blueprint is the best and most powerful tool currently available for ball drilling and on-lane motion simulation, it nonetheless does have some minor limitations that should be considered:

  • All bowling lanes are slightly different.  Lane surface texture and lane topology differences can make lanes in one house react different than lanes in another house.  Worse yet, sometimes certain lanes within the same house can react differently.  Currently, Blueprint does not provide a way to take factors like topology into account.  What does this mean, from a practical standpoint?  It means that it is possible that Blueprint might either over-predict or under-predict the amount of total hook compared to the actual lanes in your bowling center.  Even so, Blueprint is still very useful in showing relative differences among different bowling balls, bowler styles, and layouts.
  • Blueprint's static weight calculations are not generally accurate enough to be used as a substitute for weighing the ball on a static weight scale.  In preliminary validation testing, actual measured static weights and Blueprint-predicted static weights were, on average, in error by about 0.15 ounces.  There are many reasons for this (such as small manufacturing variations in core geometry / density, finger grip and thumb slug geometry variation, and static weight scale measurement inaccuracy).  The bottom line is that Blueprint will get you pretty close, but you should certainly verify all static weights with a scale prior to using any balls in sanctioned competition.
  • A computer simulator can only be as accurate as the input supplied to it.  While we have gone through great pains to provide accurate bowling ball, oil pattern, and lane surface data, it is up to the user to supply accurate bowler data.  Inaccuracies in ball speed, rev rate, axis rotation angle, axis tilt angle, positive axis point, etc. will certainly result in inaccuracies in predicted results.

7.  Are bowling balls from other brands going to be included in Blueprint?

There are currently no plans to add bowling balls that are not part of the Ebonite International family of products to Blueprint.

Powerhouse Blueprint is kept up-to-date with the latest bowling ball releases from Columbia 300, Ebonite, Hammer, and Track.  The current bowling ball library consists of 70 bowling balls, each available in 14, 15, and 16 pound versions.

8.  Why are there no plans to add bowling balls from other brands to Blueprint?

The process of adding a bowling ball to Powerhouse Blueprint requires significant testing and access to sensitive bowling ball core geometry and coverstock performance data. This makes it difficult to expect other manufacturers to get on-board with Blueprint, as most manufacturers consider such data to be proprietary.

8.  I can't remember my website password.  How can I retrieve it?

For security reasons, we do not store your password directly in our database.  Instead, only an encrypted version is stored.  For this reason, we cannot simply email your password to you.  Instead, it will have to be reset.  To reset your password, please visit our password reset page.  After submitting the reset request, you will get an email containing the new password.  Once you login with the new password, we recommend that you change it to something you can remember by visiting our password reset page.

9.  My computer broke / my hard drive crashed / my computer was stolen.  How do I get a new Blueprint license key for my new system?

Unfortunately, these things happen to all of us occasionally...we're sorry about your bad luck.  Just send us an email and we'll help you get back up and running on your new system.

10.  How do I get Blueprint updates?

All updates are made available via this website.  Whenever an update is released, we email all of our customers and provide a download link.  Getting the update is simply a matter of downloading and installing a file.  If you have a decent internet connection, the update process only takes a couple minutes.

11.  My hard drive crashed and I lost all of my Blueprint data files.  What should I do?

Unfortunately, once your hard drive has crashed, there is no easy way to recover data.

In the future, we strongly recommend that you occasionally utilize Blueprint's data backup function (located in Blueprint's File menu under "Manage Data") to create a backup of your entire Blueprint database.  When you do this, please remember to store the backup file in a safe place (on a CD, USB drive, external hard drive, etc.) so that you can restore your data in the event of a hard drive crash.

You can restore lost data after you reinstall Blueprint through the File menu's "Manage Data" function.