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Powerhouse Blueprint Feature Highlights

Powerhouse Blueprint puts professional-grade modeling and simulation within reach of the general bowling public for the first time. Mastering Blueprint's unique and innovative features will allow you to better serve your customers, understand the game like never before, and become a better bowler.

CAD-Powered Virtual Bowling Ball Drilling

Drilled Bowling Ball With Ball Track

Blueprint lets you try different drill patterns on your computer without ever putting a physical hole into the bowling ball.  This allows you to experiment with different core orientations, balance holes, and gripping hole depths in order to achieve the desired as-drilled mass properties and on-lane ball track flare.

Additional highlights from the virtual ball drilling process include:

  • Calculation of the ball's as-drilled mass properties, including RGs, overall differential, intermediate differential (mass bias), static weights, and principal (minimum, maximum, and intermediate) RG axis position relative to the positive axis point (PAP).
  • Interactive 3D display of the drilled and undrilled bowling ball, with coverstock transparency for easier visualization of how the core is affected by the drilling; rotate, zoom, and pan the model to better see areas of interest.
  • As-Drilled RG Axes With RG Contour Plot
  • Optional overlay of the ball's as-drilled principal mass moment of inertia (RG) axes and the bowler's PAP...see how the RG axes move when the ball is drilled and how they are oriented relative to the PAP.
  • Optional overlay of an RG contour plot on the ball's surface...a Blueprint-exclusive feature that lets you better position the core relative to the PAP for optimal on-lane track flare.

On-Lane Ball Motion Simulation

On-Lane Ball Motion Simulation

Blueprint allows you to simulate the on-lane performance of your virtually-drilled bowling ball, taking into account the ball's as-drilled mass properties and coverstock characteristics, the oil pattern and lane surface, and the bowler's unique delivery parameters.

Highlights of the on-lane ball motion simulation include:

  • Calculation of various pocket entry ball motion parameters, such as entry angle, ball speed, axis rotation, and axis tilt.
  • Optional overlay of the oil pattern on the ball path plot.
  • Plotting of multiple shots at once, allowing for easy comparisons.
  • Plotting of various parameters as the ball travels down the lane, including coverstock friction, ball speed, rev rate, and rotation angles.

Bowling Ball Library

Blueprint includes a library of 70 real-world bowling balls from the brands of Ebonite International.  Each bowling ball in Blueprint uses core geometry straight from the manufacturer and coverstock friction characteristic data that was calculated through extensive on-lane testing at Ebonite's testing facility in Hopkinsville, Kentucky using Digitrax, CATS-instrumented lanes, and high-speed video analysis.

The bowling balls currently included with Blueprint are:

  • Columbia 300: Benchmark, Burst, Dark Encounter, Encounter, Eruption, Freeze, Freeze Hybrid, Freeze Solid, Oath, Omen, Outburst, Pure Physics, Ransom, Ransom Demand, The Classic U2, Violent Eruption, White Dot, Wicked Encounter, World Beater
  • Ebonite: Cyclone, Elevate, Endure, Game Breaker, Game Changer, Game On, Innovate, Maxim, Mission $250K, Mission 2.0, Mission X, Pursuit, Pursuit S, Signals, Vital Energy, Warning Sign
  • Hammer: Arson, Arson Pearl, Axe, Blue Hammer, Brawl, Brick, Cobalt Vibe, Epidemic, Grape Vibe, Infection, Midnight Vibe, Nail Smoke and Fire, Ratchet, Rhythm, Taboo, Taboo Dark Electric Blue/Silver, Taboo Jet Black, Taboo Spare
  • Track: 100P, 300A, 300C, 300T, 503C, 503T, 505T, 508A, 607A Special Edition, 706A, 715T, 716C, 716T, 718A, 811A Special Edition, 912T, 919C